Nutrients for muscle and nerve function

PetArk Calm assists in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function and contains a range of nutrients that have a role in assisting the transmission of nerve impulses. With PetArk Calm you can make a difference to your dog’s day by reducing their levels of stress naturally.

Did you know? Dogs can turn to bad behaviour due to anxiety. If your dog is chewing what he shouldn’t, urinating where he shouldn’t or being anti-social with other dogs, pets or people, he may have an anxiety issue. PetArk Calm may assist in maintaining normal nerve function.

Dose rates:

  • Small dog ¼ spoon
  • Medium dog 1/3 spoon
  • Large dog ½ spoon

A 200g tin will last a small dog 250 days making PetArk Calm a very economical investment in your dog’s health!