Muscle and Joint




Vitamins, minerals and herbs for Cartilage, Muscles, Tendons and Bone

PetArk Muscle and Joint contains vitamins and minerals that have a role in wound healing and the maintenance of normal, healthy joints. PetArk Muscle and Joint is a patented formula with no glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate or green lipped mussel, making it unique to all other standard joint supplements.

Did you know? Arthritis in dogs is very common and often it affects young dogs. Arthritis can cause stiffness, soreness and turn active dogs in to inactive dogs. Feeding a daily supplement that promotes joint health is ideal for dogs young and old.

Dose rates:

  • Small dog ¼ - ½ spoon
  • Medium dog ½ - 1 spoon
  • Large dog 1 - 2 spoons

A 300g tin will last a small dog 150 days making PetArk Muscle and Joint a very economical investment in your dog’s health!