Bioavailable calcium and phosphorus

Using PetArk Puppy with a good balanced diet will ensure a correct level of nutrients required for your breeding bitch or puppy. PetArk Puppy includes an excellent level of calcium and phosphorus which have a role in the normal growth and maintenance of bones. PetArk Puppy is a complete daily supplement which will assist in the health of breeding bitches and puppies.

Did you know? It is usual for a bitch to consume up to four times her normal maintenance requirements by the time she reaches peak lactation. A supplement like PetArk Puppy is vital in ensuring your bitch’s nutritional needs are met.

Dose rates:

  • Small dog ½ spoon
  • Medium dog ¾ spoon 
  • Large dogs 1 & ½ spoon

A 300g tin will last a small dog 150 days making PetArk Puppy a very economical investment in your dog’s health!